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How to use Disposable Stone Retrieval Basket

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Disposable Stone Retrieval Basket is generally used for urinary calculi and common bile duct stones. Generally, when the stone begins to break, the stone cannot be fixed. Disposable Stone Retrieval Basket is required to fix the stone. If you use stone to remove stone, you also need to use Disposable. Stone Retrieval Basket.

How to use Disposable Stone Retrieval Basket:

1, to choose the right basket, mainly to see the shape of the basket, the basket diameter and whether to use or spare emergency lithotripter (usually endoscopic center is a regular preparation).

2. Regarding the basket diameter, the corresponding basket should be selected according to the size of the stone.

3, on the stone removal skills, out of the stone out of the basket, under the angiographic observation of the trial set of stones. Of course, EST or EPBD should be performed according to the size of stones before stone removal.

Disposable Stone Retrieval Basket conditions: 1, there is enough space above the stone or stones to let the basket open; 2, to avoid getting too large stones, this situation even if the basket can not be fully opened.

Stone treatment for bile duct stones is a practical minimally invasive surgery with a high success rate. For non-sandstone-like stones, stone-taking baskets are often used to remove stones. This is a safe, effective, economical, and convenient method.

Hospitalized, painful, quick recovery treatment.




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