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High frequency electric knife use and advantages

- Sep 07, 2018 -


And more and more used in a variety of endoscopic surgery, such as: laparoscopic, prostate biopsy, gastroscope, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy and other operations.

Because the high-frequency electrosurgical knife can simultaneously cut and coagulate, it is widely used in the surgery that the mechanical scalpel is difficult to enter and implement (such as abdominal tube ligation, prostatic urethral tumor resection).

The high-frequency electrosurgical prominence of coagulation makes it widely used in diffuse oozing sites such as liver, spleen, thyroid, breast, and lung surgery.

Other functions

In addition to the basic functions of performing surgery, a comprehensive high-frequency electrosurgical knife has the following important functions:

1. Output power indication;

2. Power preset and adjustment;

3, patient plate detection alarm;

4. Working audio indication;

5, the output port prevents mis-insertion;

6, manual control, foot control function.


1. Fast cutting speed, good hemostasis effect, simple operation, safe and convenient.

2, compared with the traditional use of mechanical scalpel, the use of high-frequency electrosurgical in the clinic can greatly shorten the operation time, reduce the amount of blood loss and blood transfusion, thereby reducing complications and surgery costs.

3. Compared with other electrosurgical instruments (such as laser knives, microwave knives, ultrasonic knives, water jets, semiconductor heat condensing knives, etc.), high-frequency electrosurgical knives adapt to a wide range of operations, easy to enter the surgical site, easy to operate, reasonable performance price ratio Other advantages.



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