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Fiber esophagoscopy

- May 23, 2018 -


For thoracic surgeons, the use of fiberoptic esophagoscopy is far less frequent than fiberoptic bronchoscopy. This is not because there are fewer patients with esophageal cancer than with lung cancer, but the diagnosis of esophageal cancer is easier to determine. Symptoms of dysphagia plus X-ray esophageal barium meal imaging make it possible for 95% of patients to be diagnosed. The few confirmed by esophagoscopy are needed. However, fiberoptic esophagoscopy is still a technique that thoracic surgeons must master.


Fiber esophagoscopy is suitable for:

1. Patients with dysphagia or esophageal obstruction.

2. X-ray barium meal examination of patients suspected of esophageal cancer.

3. X-ray barium meal examination found that patients with esophageal external pressure phenomenon.

4. Patients with esophageal cancer after radiotherapy or surgical resection may be identified by microscopic examination if they suspect recurrence.


1. Severe hypertension, heart disease, cardiopulmonary insufficiency.

2. The aortic aneurysm oppresses the esophagus.

3. The esophagus entrance lesion has caused obstruction, the mirror body can not pass, observation is more difficult, consider the use of rigid esophagoscopy.

4. Sharp foreign body or malignant lesions caused by perforation of the esophagus with caution, due to fiberglass examination to be filled with water, easy to aggravate mediastinal infection.Surgical Instruments for Laparoscopy

Anesthesia and posture

1. Anesthesia Mainly local anesthesia, with 1% tetracaine 2 ~ 3ml, sprayed on the pharyngeal mucosa, so that the patient holds the liquid, do not spit. Intermittent spray for about 3 minutes, 3 to 5 times to achieve anesthetic effect. Finally swallow the liquid.

2. Position The patient took the left lateral decubitus position after anesthesia, and the two legs flexed naturally and the body relaxed.



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