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ENT Surgical Instruments

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The ENT surgical instruments include ENT tools, chisels, ENT scissors, ENT files, clips, ENT hooks, needles, etc., mainly for ENT surgery.

Product Name  Example
ENT knife and chiselEar tympanic membrane knife, nasal mucosal knife, tonsil knife, rosacea cutting knife, nose bone chisel, mastoid flat (park) bone chisel, maxillary sinus countersunk, ear bone chisel
ENT scissorsTonsillosis, thyroid scissors, laryngeal scissors, middle ear scissors, nasal scissors
Otolaryngology pliersTonsil hemostatic forceps, gun-type indirect laryngeal forceps, ethmoid sinus forceps, ear forceps, double-joint nasal septum rongeur forceps, thyroid three-jaw forceps, nasopharyngeal in vivo biopsy forceps
Otorhinolaryngology, ENT, ClipsThroat Dressings, Ear Knees, Nasal Guns, Tonsil Hemostatic Clips
ENT with hooks and needlesLaryngeal microsurgery hooks, ear probes, double-headed probes, tonsil hooks, nasal hooks
Otolaryngology other instrumentsTonsillar suction tube, mastoid suction tube, mastoid retractor, anesthetic laryngoscope, support laryngoscope, ear single (double) curette, tuning fork, nose mirror


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