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Endoscopy classification

- May 29, 2018 -

From the application side, simple can be divided into two categories, namely industrial endoscopes and medical endoscopes.

Regarding the types of industrial endoscopes, they are classified from the form of imaging: optical endoscopes, fiber optic endoscopes, electronic endoscopes, CCD video endoscopes, CMOS video endoscopes, and electric 360° endoscopes. Divide the type of endoscope light source into high-frequency fluorescent endoscope, fiber optic halogen endoscope, LED endoscope

Regarding the classification of medical endoscopes, they are classified according to their development and imaging configuration: they can be broadly divided into 3 categories: hard-tube endoscopes, optical fiber (hose type) endoscopes, and electronic endoscopes.

There are many different types of medical examination endoscopes. The classification methods are different. In general, the following three classification methods are more common. In terms of market sales, the currently most used categories are divided into hard mirrors and flexible soft mirrors depending on whether they can change direction clinically.

Press the function of the endoscope

Divided into single-function mirrors and multi-function mirrors. Single-function mirror refers to the observation lens with no working channel and only optical system. The multi-function mirror refers to the function of the observation lens. In the same lens body, it also has at least one working channel with illumination, surgery, and washing. Attracting and other features.

Press the endoscope to reach the site

According to the endoscope reach the different parts of the classification: ENT, endoscopic, dental endoscopy, nerve mirror, urethra cystoscopy, resectoscope, laparoscope, arthroscopy, sinus sinus mirror, Laryngoscope and so on.

According to the mirror body can change direction

According to the clinical endoscopic body can change the direction of classification: divided into hard mirror and flexible soft mirror two. RIGID ENDOSCOPE is a prismatic optical system. The biggest advantage is that the imaging is clear. It can be equipped with multiple working channels and multiple viewing angles can be selected. Flexible flexible lens (FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE) is an optical fiber optic system. The most important feature of this fiber optic endoscope is that the lens part can be manipulated by the operator to change the direction and expand the scope of application, but the imaging effect is not as good as a hard mirror.



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