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Endoscope use and maintenance

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1.Do not attempt to exclude any obstructions in the pipe with any foreign objects.

2.Gastroscope should use the mouth pad to prevent the insertion portion is bitten.

3.After using the endoscope, it should be cleaned thoroughly immediately to prevent the dirt from clogging the nozzle.

4.Full use of waterproof endoscopy, the application of all-pipe irrigation device flushing air supply pipe, clamp Road, to attract pipe, non-waterproof endoscope should be blocked button connected to the light source water cleaning.

5.Full waterproof endoscope Remember to keep waterproof cover before cleaning.

6. Full waterproof endoscopy leak test, pay attention to the endoscopic bending of the rubber has been expanded.

7.Without expansion, this indicates that some parts of the endoscope leaks.

8. Full waterproof endoscope before each cleaning, please check whether there is leakage of endoscopic.

9.When the endoscope is cleaned or disinfected, do not allow the endoscope to collide with hard objects.

10.Too much wipe the endoscopic surface easily lead to endoscopic damage.

Do not immerse the endoscope in any fluid for more than an hour. If you feel any resistance when inserting the treatment attachment, gently pull the attachment out

Then try to insert slowly, do not force pass. 

11.If the nozzle is clogged, check that all connections are properly connected and that the water bottle has enough water.

12. If the end of the head is not light out, check the light source and all connections have been connected. Also check the tip of the light guide mirror surface is clean. Endoscopic use, to be disinfected clean, hang on the ventilation.



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