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Endoscope cleaning step

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Immediately after use, the soft endoscope should wipe off the dirt on the outer surface with a wet gauze, and repeatedly supply and deliver water for at least 10 seconds. Remove the endoscope and install the waterproof cover, and put it in a suitable container for cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning steps, methods and key points include:

First, washing

(1) Put the endoscope into the cleaning tank:

1. Rinse thoroughly under running water, scrub the mirror body repeatedly with gauze, and clean the operation part at the same time;

2. Remove the biopsy inlet valve, the suction button and the air supply and water supply button, and thoroughly clean the suction tube of the biopsy channel and the light guiding hose with a cleaning brush. When brushing, you must see the brush head at both ends and wash the dirt on the brush head. Object

3. Install a full pipe filler, a pipe plug, a waterproof cap and a suction device, and repeatedly suck the biopsy channel with a suction device;

4. The whole pipe filler is connected to a 50 ml syringe, and the water is sucked into the air supply pipe;

5. Drain the moisture of the biopsy channel with a suction device and dry the lens body.

(2) Rinse and dry the removed suction button, water supply air supply button and biopsy inlet valve with clean water.

(3) Endoscopic accessories such as biopsy forceps, cytology brush, incision knife, guide wire, lithotripter, basket, contrast catheter, foreign body forceps, etc.

Put it in clean water first, brush the inner surface and joints of the forceps with a small brush, wash and dry.

(4) The gauze should be cleaned in a single-use manner, and the cleaning brush should be disinfected.

Second, enzyme wash

(1) The configuration and soaking time of the multi-enzyme lotion according to the product specification.

(2) placing the dried endoscope in the enzyme washing tank, pumping 100 ml of the multi-enzyme washing solution with a syringe, rinsing the air supply and water supply pipe, and attracting

The enzyme-containing washing liquid is sucked into the biopsy channel, and the operation part is wiped with a multi-enzyme washing solution.

(3) After drying, the accessories, various buttons and valves are soaked with multi-enzyme washing solution, and the accessories should be cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner for 5 to 10 minutes.

(4) The multi-enzyme washing solution should be replaced after cleaning one endoscope.

Third, cleaning

(1) Endoscope after immersion in multi-enzyme washing solution, thoroughly rinse each pipe with a water gun or a syringe to remove the multi-enzyme washing liquid and loose dirt in the pipe, and at the same time rinse the outer surface of the endoscope.

(2) Use a 50 ml syringe to flush the pipes and drain the water from the pipes to avoid dilution of the disinfectant.



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