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Cystoscopic postoperative treatment

- May 21, 2018 -

1. Hematuria often occurs after cystoscopy, which is caused by intraoperative mucous membrane damage, usually after 3 to 5 days.

2. Postoperative urethral burning, allowing the patient to drink more water consumptive urine, and give analgesics, can be turned light after 1 to 2 days.

3. If the asepsis operation is not strict, postoperative urinary tract infections, fever and low back pain will occur and antibiotics will be used for control.

4. After the cystoscopy, the checklist must be filled out.

Cystoscopic medical imaging workstation

The cystoscope medical imaging workstation is also called “cystoscope medical image management and transmission system”. It is composed of a computer, a printer, an image acquisition card and software, and mainly collects, prints, and reports on images of cystoscopy. Archive, statistics, and patient data management. The main functions are as follows:

1, digital acquisition, to ensure that the image is clear and realistic, supports dual-screen display;

2, with a variety of image acquisition methods, foot switch acquisition, mouse collection;

3, can measure the length, perimeter, area, etc., the measured value is automatically placed;

4, any position to be labeled, a variety of methods, such as: text, arrows, boxes, line drawings;

5, the report is fast and convenient, has a large-capacity expert diagnosis dictionary, template, free edit the deposit, handy;

6. Editing reports and collecting images can be performed simultaneously without affecting each other;

7, the report form can be freely set;

8, high-quality large-capacity dynamic video storage system;

9, using high-speed photo quality printing, fast, clear images; free to produce slides.

10. Perfect file management and statistics system:

11. The report is automatically generated in JPG format, and the number of stored medical records is more than 3 million.

12, a variety of inquiries, through the name, age, location, check number, division and other dozens of ways to query;

13, send to the doctor statistics, charging statistics, diagnosis physicians, workload statistics.

14, multiple image workstations can be connected to form a network system;

15, optional "Beining teaching, broadcast system" to facilitate teaching.



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