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Common complications of laparoscopic surgery

- Jul 26, 2017 -

The common complication of laparoscopic surgery refers to the complications that may be encountered throughout the laparoscopic operation, and these complications are not confined to a deterministic laparoscopic operation. According to the reasons for its occurrence, it can be broadly divided into the following two categories:

⑴-specific complications of laparoscopic surgery. This type of complication is only performed in laparoscopic surgery and will not occur in traditional surgery. These types of complications include:

① complications associated with pneumoperitoneum. such as Hypercapnia, subcutaneous emphysema, gas embolism, etc.

② peritoneal puncture related complications. such as abdominal cavity or parenchymal viscera injury, retroperitoneal large blood vessel injury, puncture hole hernia hiatal should also be attributed to such complications;

③ Laparoscopic Special surgical instrument performance defects or improper use of complications, such as electric injury caused by the bile duct ischemic stenosis, high-frequency current "skin effect" caused by the cavity organ perforation.

⑵ the traditional complications of laparoscopic surgery. This type of complication is essentially consistent with the complications of traditional surgery, however, the causes, probability, severity, treatment methods and prognosis are different, such as incision and abdominal infection, abdominal or abdominal wall implantation after tumor surgery, bile duct injury, postoperative bleeding.

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