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Catheter Placement

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Laparoscopic surgery, which is outpatient, usually does not need to be placed through the urethra catheter in the bladder, but will be changed into anesthesia and then placed, and after the operation, in the larger laparoscopic surgery or in-patient surgery, usually placed in the preoperative catheter, so as to avoid bladder injury in the operation, but also can avoid postoperative patients need to get up immediately to relieve urine, causing wound pain phenomenon. Visible catheter placement is mainly to help patients after surgery to reduce postoperative discomfort, so long as the patient after the recovery is very good, you can get up to the toilet can ask the doctor to remove the catheter! Try to solve their own urine, the urine is difficult when the catheter can be. Generally larger laparoscopic surgery, we are accustomed to indwelling urine tube after two hours to remove, so that patients can get adequate rest, do not have to worry about the toilet of the people's livelihood.

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