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Biopsy Forceps Disinfection Discussion

- May 10, 2018 -

Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments.

In recent years, the equipment and personnel for endoscopic examination and treatment have been increasingly popularized, and the hospital infection caused by this has attracted attention. Therefore, the disinfection and sterilization of endoscopes and their accessories have become more and more important, and effective endoscopic accessories need to be found to disinfect. Bacteria method to prevent cross-infection in hospitals. "Disinfection Technical Specifications" in the provisions of: biopsy forceps is an endoscopic attachment directly to the body's mucosal tissue, to achieve sterilization standards. Xu scholars devoted themselves to the study of the sterilization and sterilization of endoscopes and biopsy forceps, but they did not find the cause of the incomplete disinfection of biopsy forceps, so the disinfection effect was not obvious. If you use disposable biopsy forceps, you can completely eliminate the possibility of cross-infection.

3.1 biopsy forceps bacteria analysis of the endoscopic examination in order to make the stomach cavity, intestine cavity expansion to facilitate observation, need to give cavity injection, intracavity pressure increase, the digestive tract mucus, blood and secretions into the biopsy forceps sheath . The biopsy forceps structure itself has no flush hole and the inner core is not easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize.

3.2 Reasons why the disinfector is not completely disinfected The automatic cleaning ultrasonic atomizing endoscope disinfector is equipped with an endoscope disinfecting system and a biopsy forceps disinfecting system. The disinfection procedure is pressure cleaning - atomization disinfection - pressure cleaning, and the water source and disinfectant are discharged in one use. The biopsy force inside the sheath can not use the strategy to drain the fluid. When the disinfecting machine is working, the surface of the biopsy forceps is only cleaned and disinfected, and dirt hidden in the sheath cannot be disinfected, resulting in incomplete disinfection of the biopsy forceps. In the experiment, the biopsy forceps disinfected by the disinfector were hung vertically, and after the minute, the mucous drained from the forceps at the lower end of the biopsy forceps was seen, and a large amount of bacteria were cultivated, further confirming that the biopsy forceps contained contamination. liquid.

3.3 The characteristics of vertical suspension immersion method Vertical suspension soak disinfection, the biopsy forceps after use after the initial cleaning soaked in 2% pentaldehyde solution, the use of gravity to drain into the sheath secretions, disinfection and sterilization. In addition, due to the difference in disinfection time, it should also be one of the reasons for the significant difference in the results of this disinfection, suggesting the importance of extending the disinfection time to improve the disinfection effect. Through the observation of bacterial culture, after 2 weeks of disinfecting, the disinfection effect still meets the requirement of asepsis. Therefore, the disinfection of biopsy forceps currently recommends vertical suspension immersion disinfection.



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