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Arthroscopic surgery

- May 05, 2018 -

Arthroscopic surgery involves inserting a lens metal tube with an illuminating device into the joint cavity through a small incision, and magnifying the internal structure of the joint cavity on the monitor to observe the lesion condition and site in the joint cavity while monitoring under the TV. Perform a thorough examination and clean up the affected area. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery with both diagnostic and therapeutic functions.


Local anesthesia or continuous epidural anesthesia.

Preoperative preparation

1. Understand the patient's psychological response, strengthen nursing, let the patient understand the surgical process and its significance, establish confidence and cooperate with surgery.

2. Learn more about the medical history and pay attention to the history of drug allergy.

3. Stop using anticoagulants before surgery.

4. Keep the skin of the surgical joint clean and avoid any abrasions, burns, cuts, scratches, infections, and other injuries in the surgical joint area.

5. Isometric contraction of the quadriceps was performed 1 day before surgery.

6. Prophylactic use of antibiotics within 0.5 to 2 hours before surgery.

Postoperative care

1. Observe wound bleeding, exudate, limb swelling, pain, check the dorsal arterial pulse, prevent blood circulation disorder caused by tight bandage dressing, and pay attention to whether there is frostbite on the ice.

2. Elevate limbs after surgery to reduce limb swelling and keep joints warm.

3. Do a quadriceps isometric exercise on the first postoperative day to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling

4. Continue to perform functional exercises after discharge until the range of motion of the joints is normal, the pain disappears, and the lower limbs walk as usual.

5. If the incision is red, swollen, painful, or exudative, seek medical attention.



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