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Arthroscopic methods and advantages

- Sep 05, 2018 -


An arthroscope is a group of optoelectronic instruments that reflect the condition of the joint. It consists of an arthroscopic lens, a camera, a host, a display, and a cold light source. The arthroscopic lens is a thin rod with a length of more than 20 cm and a thickness of 4-5 mm. It is used to insert a joint cavity. The rod contains a set of optical fibers and a set of perspective. The optical fiber transmits light to the joint, and the perspective is in the joint. The image is transmitted. Outside the joint, a fiber optic cable connects the optical fiber to the cold light source so that the cold light source illuminates the joint; a camera connects the lens to the host and display to reflect the image within the joint to the display.


1. The incision is small and beautiful, which can avoid the irritation caused by the scar on the joint surface and the moving part in the late stage;

2, is a minimally invasive surgery, less pain, less postoperative reaction, patients are easy to accept;

3, can be active and use limbs early in the operation, to avoid long-term bedridden complications, reduce caregivers and costs;

4, relatively few complications;

5, basically does not affect the muscle structure around the joint, early postoperative functional exercise to prevent disuse and complications caused by long-term fixation of the joint;

6. It can observe and check the intra-articular lesions under the near-physiological environment. It has the name of “putting the eyes and fingers into the joints”. It can perform dynamic examination on the joints and improve the diagnostic ability. Some diseases such as synovium Wrinkle syndrome is established by arthroscopy;

7.arthroscopy can be performed in previous open surgery difficult to complete surgery, such as partial meniscus resection.



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