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Arthroscopic development

- Sep 10, 2018 -

Development and popularization

With the increasing popularity of endoscopic techniques in China, arthroscopic surgery has become a routine treatment for osteoarthritis. At present, in the endoscopes of various systems, arthroscopic functions are the most comprehensive and widely used, and thus form an independent arthroscopy. The arthroscopic surgery business has become a growth point for hospital and departmental performance.

In 2008, a total of 790 hospitals in China had arthroscopic system facilities for arthroscopic surgery. These hospitals were mainly concentrated in the top three hospitals. By 2012, there were 2,640 hospitals in China with arthroscopic system facilities that could perform arthroscopic surgery. The annual growth rate is 35%, covering almost all tertiary hospitals and about 30% of the dimethyl hospitals. The budget for hospital procurement of arthroscopy systems has not been affected by the economic crisis and the slowdown of the Chinese economy. In some developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the level of arthroscopic technology has been comparable to that of developed countries. Arthroscopic surgery has begun to shift from the city's tertiary hospitals to the grassroots level, which is suitable for China's national conditions and covers the population to the utmost extent.

The meaning of arthroscopy

The basic techniques of arthroscopic surgery, such as meniscus resection and suture, ligament reconstruction, and synovial cleaning, have gained popularity. The technical level of arthroscopic surgery in various hospitals is uneven. The number of surgical procedures per hospital varies from more than a dozen to more than a thousand. A large number of surgical applications have made the speed and scale of the development of arthroscopic surgery in China comparable to that of developed countries in Europe and America, and the technical level has gradually entered the international advanced ranks.



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