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Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

- Mar 15, 2019 -

Laparoscopy is an endoscope for intra-abdominal examination and treatment. It is essentially a fiber source endoscope that includes a laparoscope, an energy system, a light source system, a perfusion system, and an imaging system. In the case of completely painless use in surgical patients, the patient's intra-abdominal condition can be clearly and clearly observed, the pathogenic factors can be understood, and the abnormal condition can be treated surgically. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as "keyhole" surgery. Using the laparoscopic system technology, the doctor only needs to open a few "keyhole" type holes around the patient's operation site, and can visualize the patient's body in front of the computer screen without opening the lap, and perform precise surgical operation. It takes a short time and the treatment technology has reached the international advanced level.

The new type of laparoscopic surgery is a modern high-tech medical technology using electronic, optical and other advanced equipment principles to complete the surgery, is a cross-century advancement of traditional laparotomy, it is performed in a closed abdominal cavity: the camera system is in good cold Under the illumination of the light source, the intra-abdominal organs are photographed on the monitoring screen through the laparoscopic body connected to the abdominal cavity. The surgeon monitors and guides the high-tech display and manipulates the surgical instruments outside the abdominal cavity to probe the diseased tissue. , electrocoagulation, hemostasis, tissue separation and incision, suture and other operations. It is a model for the application of high-tech technologies such as electronics, optics and videography in clinical surgery. It has the characteristics of less trauma, less complications, safety and quick recovery. In recent years, surgical laparoscopic surgery has developed rapidly and can be checked simultaneously. Treatment is the most advanced and cutting-edge minimally invasive technology. The role in the treatment of surgical diseases has attracted more and more attention. And it has developed rapidly in the international arena.



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