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Advantages of Discoscopy

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Wide indications for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis;

1.The wound is small (about 1.5cm), the tissue damage is less, the bleeding is less, and the operation time is short;

2.High safety performance, 60 times magnification under the microscope, can clearly distinguish the tissue under the microscope to avoid nerve root damage;

3.The bed rest time is short and the recovery is fast, and the outpatient operation can be performed;

4.The cost of comprehensive treatment is reduced;

5. Patients are highly accepted;

6.High-definition field of view, easy to handle easily overlooked lesions;

7. Record of the whole operation process, convenient for case discussion and academic exchange.

Experts predict that posterior discoscopy will be a clinically popular endoscopic treatment mirror system after arthroscopy, cystoscopy and laparoscopy. This technology will completely replace the lateral disc mirror technology!

Intervertebral disc series

Ozone therapy device RF therapy device Semiconductor laser therapy device Japanese eight-light puncture needle c-arm Intervertebral foramen

Medical ozone is the only equipment in China that has three types of registration certificates that can work continuously for 24 hours. The radio frequency treatment instrument is also the only bipolar treatment equipment in China. The semiconductor laser uses 810 and 980 wavelengths. The Japanese Baguang needle is internationally recognized for quality and toughness. Best of all, the c-arm is the only fully automated operating program in the country. The company can take packaged or single-variety purchases to ensure the lowest quality and the best after-sales. It is also possible to use a cooperative split or a separate investment.



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